Final prototype of the original Kids Double Desk

Final Prototype of Kids Double Desk

I received the final prototype of the Kids Double Desk and I love it. I expect that moms and kids are going to love it too.

On this final prototype, we ended up using fasteners to attach the tops. If you have been following my blog for some time, you know that this was something that I wanted to avoid if possible. But, like I said in my post about DESIGN INFLUENCERS, we know that sometimes we have to make small sacrifices for the goal to be achieved. I originally wanted this desk to assemble without any hardware. And in fact, I figured out a way to do it. But the design was not conducive to shipping, and I did not think it would hold up over time. This new design is better. The fasteners do offer an added level of durability and gives the parents comfort knowing that a child is not going to take it apart or pinch fingers. Also an adult can still disassemble it in just a few minutes. And, in keeping with my goal, this desk will last for generations.

Next week I will reach out to manufacturers for bids. My RFQ will include a BOM, the CAD file and a SOW. I think the biggest challenge will be logistics and warehousing. What do I do with parts after the manufacturer cuts them out? Who is going to box them up? How do we ship them out? There are numerous fulfillment operations such as Amazon and various competitors. There is a lot of work still to be done to grind through these details.

My prototype manufacturer is booked until the new year. My plan is to use him to produce 3 to 5 desks for the mommy bloggers to review. If you recall in my post entitled, PICTURES, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND MY HEALTH, this is a great way to get product exposure to this niche market. These mommy bloggers have audiences over 10,000 followers and some over 100,000 followers. While I have lots of different ideas to gain product exposure, I think that sending a few desks to mommy bloggers is a great start.

Since my CAD engineer’s schedule is booked until next year, this may be a bit of a blessing. This will give me time to work out logistics and fulfillment. There is no way that I can produce these for the Christmas season, but I do hope to produce before the winter ends. I also need to work out the details of the crowdfunding campaign. One of my biggest concerns here is a video.

Finalizing the design of the prototype was a huge hurdle that I am glad is behind me. Now my mind is going a mile a minute thinking about the marketing campaign. Stay tuned. I’ll discuss my thoughts and plans on this in my next post.

If you have small children, or just want to learn more about this Double Desk, visit my facebook page. If you are reading this several months down the road, you can also visit my ecommerce website where, hopefully, I have more than one version of this desk available.

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