picture of kids desk with two girls sitting

I gave one of the first desk that I made to my nieces.

The Double Desk is a unique, handmade desk that allows kids to play together and eliminate fussing between them. Children, parents and teachers all love this safe desk which is designed to be assembled and disassembled without any tools.

Kids enjoy the fact that the Double Desk allows them to remain face-to-face with their friend while working on their projects. Parents and teachers appreciate the unique design which subtly keeps their work a bit private which can help with particular personalities. When the kids are finished, books, papers, art supplies and projects can be tucked away in the cubbies.

Easy to assemble, easy to put away but attractive enough to leave as a permanent fixture.
Loved by homeschoolers, teachers, daycares, moms and dads, the Double Desk will give your children and grandchildren thousands of hours of enjoyment because, everything is better with a friend. Visit http://kidsdoubledesk.com for more information.

Picture of Kids Double Desk

Kids Double Desk with chalkboard vinyl tab