Quick Tip – Powerful Email Trick You Wish You Knew Years Ago

Picture of a book full of adviceAs an entrepreneur, do you subscribe to competitors email lists, just to see how your competitor is marketing their products and services?

Have you ever wondered if your email address will be sold?

Do your email filters only kinda, sorta work the way you need them to work?

Do you keep more than one email account? Maybe one for junk mail, one for friends and maybe another one for professional use?

Now you may want to reconsider. I have a simple solution that I wish I would have begun using years ago.

I have a simple solution that I wish I would have begun using years ago.

When you opt in to a lead magnet and you provide your email address, here’s what you might consider doing because this works very well for me. Let’s say I place an online order with target.com. (I have no affiliation with them, this is strictly an example.) I made my purchase as a guest. Now, at the end of the purchase, target requests my email address for tracking and notification. I want tracking, so I provide my email address, but not as you might think. I am going to add some information to my email address. Rather than provide “darin@kidsdoubledesk.com”, I’m going to provide “darin+target@kidsdoubledesk.com”. Notice the “+target” is inserted between “darin” and the domain name. Target thinks darin+target@kidsdoubledesk.com is my email address. Google is my email provider and will honor it. Target emails me, Google will honor this email trick and send it to me as darin+target@kidsdoubledesk.com.

Every time I give out my email address to another online merchant or lead magnet, I simply insert “+vendor” or “+companyname” into my email address. I can instantly tell if a particular vendor or company has sold their email list if I begin receiving more emails to the same “+companyname” address.

There are two powerful advantages here.

  1. This makes it very easy for me to set up email rules and filter my inbox. And the filters are guaranteed to work.
  2. It will also tell me if Target has sold their email list to affiliates. This is very valuable if you are watching your competitors closely.

If you use this email trick with your bank, you can quickly recognize if your bank’s security has been compromised (or if they they make a habit of selling email lists).

Note: Not all email service providers will honor this format. I did an experiment with Yahoo and was disappointed that my test email was rejected. As always, be sure to test, before you implement.

I hope you find this quick tip email trick helpful. What tips can you share with the My Startup Challenge audience?

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